Mrs. Fixit: Vinyl Floor Care

September 23, 2012

Little dirt and sand particles will get ground into the surface of the vinyl dulling and scuffing it over time.

Use a soft bristled broom or a static sweeper to go over the floor daily to get rid of those gritty messes.

Don't let spills sit on vinyl. Acids and oils can eat away at vinyl if left to sit there, so use a damp cloth to wipe them up right away.

If you have vinyl in the bathroom and have residue from hairspray particles, try using a mild shampoo and warm water to remove it.

Shampoo is gentle enough that it won't harm the floors and it cleans the hairspray from your hair - right!

For everyday cleaning, use a diluted solution of mild soap and water on a damp mop. Make sure that you don't over wet the floor as you work.

Standing water on flooring will seep into tiny cracks and around edges and cause the adhesive to loosen and the floor to curl.

That's about it, some easy ways to keep your vinyl flooring looking it's best. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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