More coverage, lower cost warranties

SEPT. 24, 2012

"It's inevitable that I break my phone, probably like every other month," Montgomery says. "So I'm going in and out of the Apple store for a new phone."

So when Montgomery spotted an app from Square Trade offering a warranty that would cover his iPhone not only for malfunctions, but also for accidents, he bought in.

Shortly after that, he dropped a free weight on his phone at the gym.

"It was a 100-pound weight and I carefully dropped it, but dropped it right on the phone," he explains. "It literally was like a 'V.' I wish I had a picture of it or had the phone, but it dented it. It looked like it was run over. "

Square Trade warranties differ from those offered by phone providers in two ways. The first is that they do cover "user errors," as Ty Shay of Square Trade explained.

"For a lot of portable devices, our warranties include accidental damage coverage, which includes protection for things like if you drop your phone or get water on your phone, your phone is covered. Some warranties cover malfunctions. We actually cover accidents," he says.

Square Trade is also less expensive. AT&T -- for example -- charges $7 a month or $168 for two years to insure your iPhone with a$200 deductible for a replacement.

Square Trade charges just $99 for two years and the deductible is $50.

And where Apple Care covers three incidents over two years, Square Trade covers four.

And they don't just cover phones.

Shay adds, "Most any portable electronic device or appliance, you can get covered through Square Trade."

Montgomery says getting his new phone was easy.

"I just paid for it at the Apple store, showed them my receipt, and in two days, it was reimbursed."

Square Trade warranties must be bought within 30 days of your purchase date. You can see what they cover and how much it will cost on their website. Click here for more information.

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