3-year-old helps save his aunt's life in Delaware

WILMINGTON, Del. - September 14, 2102

Total strangers exchanged hugs and kisses of joy Friday night after the heroics of 3-year-old Tyrone Copeland who may have saved his aunt's life.

"Her got hurt and they took her to the hospital," Tyrone said.

"I am very happy and very appreciative of what he did," said Deneene Copeland.

Tyrone and his Aunt were at a playground in Speakman Park when she began to have a seizure.

She was going in and out of consciousness, but Tyrone didn't act like a typical 3-year-old. Instead he ran across the park, across 28th Street, and communicated with two complete strangers that his aunt needed help.

"He is just amazing because he knew his name, he knew his address, and he told us concisely what was wrong and where to go," said Paula Thomas.

Paula Thomas and Gena Butler were outside of their home when Tyrone came running up crying.

As this pint sized hero recalls it, he said, "Tell her, she needs help."

But Thomas and Butler say Tyrone said much more.

"His exact words were 'she was laying there and she'd had a seizure and her mouth was closed, and she didn't open her eyes and she was having a she wasn't moving," Thomas explained.

The women ran to the park and found Deneene, who has suffered seizures in the past.

Paramedics arrived within minutes and took her to a local hospital.

The precocious little boy had saved the day.

"I didn't even know he was able to do that," said Tyrone Copeland, Sr.

"Any other person probably wouldn't have done that, and for his age, I am very thankful," said Deneene.

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