Captain America gets new job title: US president

PHILADELPHIA (AP) -September 18, 2012

One of Marvel Entertainment's best-known heroes since he socked Adolf Hitler in the jaw in 1941, the sentinel of liberty will trade his New York City apartment for the White House in the pages of Marvel Comics' "The Ultimates," a series set in the Ultimate Comics universe where the U.S. has been torn apart by factionalism, out-of-control anti-mutant hysteria and outright secession.

A career soldier for whom duty trumps political parties, Steve Rogers is seen as the last hope for the country and wins election as a write-in candidate in issue No. 15, due out Wednesday, said Sam Humphries, who is writing the story line.

He called the election the next step in the character's long role as "America's defender," a job he's had since soldiering during World War II.

"Cap is answering the call of the people. This is not the first time he's stood up for an America in crisis. This is a further evolution in his role as America's defender, from soldier to superhero to president," Humphries said. "He didn't ask for this position, but if it helps him reunite America, then he'll take on the job."

Mark Paniccia, who edits the title, called it a challenge unlike any other.

"This isn't something superheroes do every day. Defeat a world-eating deity? Check. Fight off an inter-dimensional invasion? Check. Stop an alien prison break? Check. Lead the country? Wha-huh?" he said. "This is new for our hero ... and new for us."

Humphries said Captain America is not in any political party and the job, while not something he sought, is something he will do.

"Cap has been elected to do a job, and he's going to do whatever it takes to reunite America. He doesn't see his place as having press conferences in rose gardens, he sees his place as out in the field," Humphries said. "This will result in a unique and thrilling presidency we've never seen before, in history or in fiction."

Rogers will take the oath of office in issue No. 16, due out Sept. 26

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