2 firefighters injured in Chester house fire

September 18, 2012 8:21:37 PM PDT
At least two firefighters have been injured during a house fire in Chester City Tuesday night. Crews were called out to the 1000 block of Kerlin Street around 5:00pm.

Two Chester Firefighters were injured as the tree fell bringing down power lines.

"They were cutting a tree down, and a huge wind came and pulled the rest of the tree down. It was like an explosion of light everywhere and everything went off. Everybody was trying to scatter and get out of the way," said Nicole Shelley-King.

One of them had to be transported to the Crozer Keystone Medical Center.

"He was in excruciating pain," said witness Andrea Evans.

Chester Mayor John Linder says both suffered non life-threatening injuries.

"They do a great job when they're out here. They're professional, they came to help out here in the situation and obviously the weather didn't cooperate," said Chester Mayor John Linder.