Car plows into motorcyclist in Magnolia, N.J.

MAGNOLIA, N.J. - September 19, 2012

The accident happened around 10:00 a.m. at the intersection of Whitehorse Pike and Warwick Road.

A motorcyclist was stopped at a red light facing westbound on Whitehorse Pike when witnesses say a beige Ford Taurus moving at a high rate of speed plowed into the motorcycle.

The impact catapulted the motorcyclist into the air. The motorcyclist had a helmet on, but when he fell to the ground, he hit the pavement with such force that the helmet broke apart.

The Ford impacted the motorcycle with such force, it sheered off the vehicle's right front wheel assembly.

The Ford then skidded into the plantings surrounding a McDonald's sign on the corner of the intersection..

Witness Kyeeisha Elsey was waiting at the stop light next to the Harley Davidson and its rider.

"I had looked over, and was admiring the bike or whatever, looked at the rearview mirror, seen a car approaching at a high rate of speed before I said something to the man, she already had hit him with the impact he went up in the air and landed, at that point I proceeded to get on the phone and call 911," Elsey said.

The motorcyclist was rushed to to Cooper University Hospital with a severe head injury and a mangled leg.

Authorities say he was conscious while in transport to the hospital.

As for the driver of the Ford, she was unhurt and witnesses say seemed distracted.

"She seemed she was like under the influence of something; she had got out of the vehicle, sat down on the curb Indian style and started smoking a cigarette. She did not come to his aid. She did not ask or anything; she was just sitting there," Elsey said.

The identities of both drivers have not been released.

The female driver of the Ford was taken into police custody and is expected to be charged.

The road was closed for several hours as police investigated.

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