A touching tribute to a fallen officer

PHILADELPHIA - September 21, 2012

Officer Brian Lorenzo played football at Frankford High in the early 1980's. To honor him, the high school decided to dedicate all home games to him. Friday afternoon was the home opener.

Members of the Philadelphia Highway Patrol Drill Team drove into Frankford High School Memorial Stadium to present the game ball to the referees and to be a part of the high school's tribute to fallen Officer Brian Lorenzo.

"It is just something we felt we had to do," said Frankford Athletic Director Jack Creighton.

"He was the type of man who believed in team," said Captain Melvin Singleton. "He preached brotherhood, and he brought that mentality, that concept to how we patrol his drill team which he was a part of."

Lorenzo's widow, Linda, attended the ceremony. She performed the coin toss as players gathered at midfield.

"She is doing ok," said Officer James Trainor. "She is coping with things; you never get over things like that, but certainly you try and deal with it as times go on."

Officer Lorenzo was killed in July as he drove home from work.

State Police say drunk driver, John Leck, slammed into the father of three while driving the wrong way of I-95.

His brother's in blue say the 48-year-old had a passion for football.

As part of the ceremony, the school painted his badge number into the end zone and opted to only use two yard markers.

"If you noticed on the sideline, there's no 50 yard line. There are two 47 yard lines, .because that was his number 47," said Creighton.

"I think this is an excellent demonstration, an excellent demonstration of appreciation for this man and his work for the city," Officer Trainor said.

The Philadelphia Highway Patrol Thrill Show is Saturday. Officer Lorenzo used to take part in the show annually.

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