Police search for driver in Olney hit and run

PHILADELPHIA - September 21, 2012

The motorist fled the scene after striking a pedestrian Thursday at 10th and Godfrey in Olney.

The victim remains in critical condition at Einstein Medical Center.

"Someone ran her over and left her for dead, now she's in Einstein fighting for her life," said Roslyn Williams.

Roslyn Williams' 28-year-old daughter Freda Mitchell was hit by a van Thursday evening while police say she was crossing the street at 10th and Godfrey Avenue.

"She has tubes down her throat; something helping her breathe," said Sharonn Mitchell.

The mother of two, including a seven month old baby, suffered several broken bones and a damaged lung. She remains in critical condition.

"What are we going to do with the kids? She was a stay at home mom, so I worked two jobs," said Mitchell.

Anger, sadness and frustration from husband Sharonn Mitchell who tells us the hit and run accident happened right across from the couples Fern Rock home.

"She was just going across the street to buy a bag of chips," he said.

Surveillance video from inside the Bodega captured Freda buying snacks around 5:45 p.m. She then walked outside and her life changed.

Police say the driver of a bright green minivan, possibly a Ford Windstar or Chrysler Town and Country, flew up the road and nailed the young woman who was trying to get back home to her kids.

"Please turn yourself in," Roslyn pleaded.

Freda's family says they want the driver of the van caught and justice served as they wait and watch their loved one fight for her life in a hospital bed.

"I don't care if you don't have a license; I don't care if you don't have insurance, that's my daughter; that's my child, and she didn't deserve that," said Roslyn.

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