Parenting: Encouraging team sports

September 28, 2012

Since my older daughter plays, I was happy to have one less game to attend on Saturdays. However, my husband really encouraged her to stick with it.

In the end, she decided to try out again this year and I was prepared for a lot of whining and complaining when it was time to practice.

To my surprise, she loves being a part of the team and doesn't even complain about practices anymore! I'm not sure what changed since last year, but I am so glad my husband persuaded her to continue.

She has so many friends from the team and it has really helped to build her social circle. It's also nice to see her exercise and develop confidence in her skills.

I'm sure pushing your child into a team sport may not always have a happy ending. has some helpful tips on successfully encouraging your child's interest in sports.

One of the main conditions is that you help your child decide which sport he or she would like to pursue.

Even though it can be a bit tough on the kids and parents having so many events and practices throughout the school year, I can see how my daughter benefitted from being part of a team sport.

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