Bucks Co. on alert after attempted luring

BUCKINGHAM TWP., Pa. - September 24, 2012

Police say a 12-year-old boy was getting off his bus near the corner of Lexington Drive and Concord Road when two adults allegedly tried to lure him into their car... not once but twice. The child was able to escape, shaken but OK.

Now neighbors say they are being extra viligant.

"Definitely, we'll keep an extra eagle eye out for them," Elaine Naudascher told Action News.

The incident reportedly happened Friday afternoon just after 3:15 pm along the 3600 block of Concord Road. Police say the 12-year-old boy had been walking home from the school bus stop on Lexington Drive when a vehicle pulled up.

"They asked him if he was familiar with the neighborhood," according to Sgt. J.R. Landis of the Buckingham Twp. Police, "if he could show them around, then they specifically asked him to get in."

The boy refused and kept walking, but he told police how the car turned around and drove up to him again.

"Reportedly the vehicle approached him again and asked him, at which point he ran to a neighbor's house and immediately called his mom," Sgt. Landis said.

The boy told police a white woman roughly 45 years old with a Russian accent was behind the wheel of a navy blue Mercedes sedan. He said the numbers 2009 were written in yellow marker along the upper left side of the windshield. The child told police a man was sitting in the back seat behind tinted windows. Police are asking the community to be alert.

Moms and Dads need to be diligent and explain to their kids the proverbial 'stranger danger' and in this case the young man did exactly what he should have done which is to create space and take off running.

Police are trying to locate others who may have seen something or might know who owns the vehicles spotted in this incident. Anyone with information is asked to call Buckingham Township Police at (215) 794-8811.

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