New healthy lunch program leaving students hungry

September 26, 2012 The new regulations have kids eating more fruits and vegetables, more whole grains, and less sodium, but there are also calorie restrictions. And this is what has some kids upset.

Some say the leaner lunches don't give them enough calories to make it through the day, especially if they play sports.

Some teachers say they can hear growling stomachs by mid-afternoon.

One teacher in Kansas and her students made fun of the restrictions with a YouTube video. The video drew in a quarter-million hits in one week.

In the video, hungry students are falling down in gym class, and they pretend to burn the new regulations.

They also hint that lower-calorie meals could backfire, by sending kids in search of junk food.

Dietitians say if students eat their whole meal, including the fruits and vegetables, they should feel full.

Also, if a student plays a sport after school, they should bring an extra snack; something healthy like fruit and peanut butter or a protein bar to eat at the end of their school day.

This will help keep their blood sugar level more stable, which would be better than just having a big lunch in the middle of the day.

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