All suspects in woman's videotaped beating in custody (PHOTOS)

CHESTER, Pa. - September 28, 2012

16-year-old Anye Dennis, 16-year-old Rahmiyah Henderson, 15-year-old Jamia Davis and 16-year-old Janeya Bell appeared before a judge Friday morning. All four are being charged as adults in the videotaped beating that happened outside the victim's home in Chester.

Police tell Action News that the two remaining girls - 19-year-old Takia Edwards-Couch and 17-year-old Jasmir Womack - were rounded up late Friday afternoon. Both were awaiting arraignment on the same charges as the others.

Meanwhile after their court appearance Dennis, Henderson, Davis and Bell were loaded into a van and taken off to Delaware County prison.

Police say the attack happened on Tuesday night. All six teenagers were allegedly seen on cell phone video viciously beating and stomping a mentally disabled woman as she sat on her front step.

Police say they chased the woman into her house and continued to beat her with a chair, a shoe and their fists.

Delaware County District Attorney John Whalen calls videotaped beating outrageous.

"It was certainly very upsetting to see that video, to see that callous disregard for that woman's health and well-being," he said.

The victim is now at an undisclosed location after getting treatment for her wounds. She told police she didn't call them after the Tuesday night attack because she was afraid.

Authorities believe that Bell appears to be the ringleader. Police say she is seen on the video pulling a sweatshirt over her school uniform, leading the pack and throwing the first punches.

Action News tried to speak with the mother of Davis and Bell.

"I never talked to my child since she went to school yesterday, I have yet to talk to her," she said, referring to Davis. When asked about her other daughter, Bell, who police say appeared to be the instigator, she said, "I don't know that story. I haven't talked to her since yesterday. I haven't seen the video and I haven't talked to my child. I'm sorry for the things that happened, but I have nothing else to say."

Police say they are getting no cooperation from the girls, whom they describe as arrogant and defiant, even threatening to fire bomb a police officer's car.

Attorney Enrique Latoison - who represents Dennis - says that is not the case for his client and that she is remorseful.

"She is very upset about the situation. She mentioned how she was raised," said Latoison. "She understands it is a bad reflection on her and a bad reflection on her family."

The video shows numerous physical assaults, but Latoison says they didn't come from Dennis.

"I will tell you my client never made a physical contact with the victim in the case," he said. "She did not throw any punches."

Charges for the teens includes first degree aggravated assault and burglary.

Bail was set at 10 percent of $50,000 and as of Saturday afternoon all six girls remained in custody.

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