Victim of alleged Facebook stalker speaks

BROWNS MILLS, N.J. - September 27, 2012

Police say Wyatt threatened to kidnap Caylie, along with more than two dozen other women and girls from twenty towns in New Jersey and as far away as Wisconsin.

"He said I had two weeks left to live before he brought me from point A to point B specifically," Boggess said.

He's being held in the Atlantic County Jail on multiple counts of making terroristic threats.

"It was just very nerve-wracking all the time. I never went anywhere by myself," Boggess said.

Police say Wyatt used Facebook to find his victims and then delivered his kidnapping threats in online messages or via cell phone after getting their numbers from their profiles.

When Caylie was threatened, her mom reported it to the Pemberton Police Department and to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

"I wasn't going to just lay down and let this happen. This is my daughter, I need to protect her. I need to protect all my children," Cindy Boggess said.

State police were assisting Pemberton police with Caylie's case, when they got a call from Voorhees police, who were looking into four similar incidents.

"That's when we made the connection that it was actually the same suspect who's harassing all the girls; that's when it got larger," New Jersey State Police Detective Chris Camm said.

Police say Wyatt, a student at Atlantic Cape Community College, used multiple names, Facebook pages, e-mail addresses and pre-paid cell phones, when contacting his alleged victims.

Police believe there may be even more victims out there and they've set up a special e-mail address just to take complaints.

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