Bucks Co. school warns of potential skin infection outbreak

HOLLAND, Pa. - September 29, 2012

The students appear to all have highly contagious staph infections often seen in locker room situations associated with team sports.

School Administrators at Council Rock South confirmed two cases of skin infections among players on the football team, forcing the cancellation of practice and the postponement of Friday night's football game.

Testing of the Council Rock South football program revealed more than 20 students with skin abrasions that were considered suspicious, if not infectious.

Team members tell Action News that some of the team members have been diagnosed with MRSA, which can be very serious.

The school postponed Friday night's game against Pennsbury and all of the athletes are being checked for any kind of rash or infection and sent to their doctors if one is found.

16-year-old David Haun is a wide receiver for the Council Rock South Hawks. He is one of about 20 players who have been dealing with skin infections since last week.

"They are just red circles at first on part of my arm, and then I noticed it grew over here, that's how I noticed it was contagious. It's spreading all over," said Haun.

Haun says he feels luck compared to some of the others. He says two team members have been identified with MRSA, the highly contagious staph infection that can be resistant to treatment, and in some cases, life threatening.

At least one student had to be hospitalized.

"We realize that this is something you can mess with," said Council Rock South QB Greg Paprock. "If you go out and give it to other kids and they get MRSA, it could be deadly or very serious. We do not want to put anybody in the hospital. That is not our mentality at all."

The school ordered the athletic facility, including all locker rooms, showers and weight rooms, to be completely sanitized, as well as all playing equipment and helmets.

The rest of the school including the cafeteria will be cleaned and sanitized over the weekend.

School officials say students with confirmed skin infections would not be permitted to participate in the football program until they have been cleared by a physician.

Council Rock South has rescheduled the game for Monday, October 1st at 7:00 p.m.

For more information on skin infections and MRSA, click on the link below.
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