Chester beating victim's family speaks out (PHOTOS)

BROOMALL, Pa. - September 29, 2012


"I hope these girls get everything they deserve and justice is taken to the fullest extent, and I will be there for every trial," said Nicole D'Angelo.

Nicole and Domenic D'Angelo are angry. They say their mother, 48-year-old Della, is the mentally challenged woman who was videotaped being beaten by 6 teenage girls in Chester this past week.

"I've seen little bits and pieces," said Domenic. "It breaks my heart. I can't even watch the video, but they do it for fun? It's sad. It's sick."

Nicole and Dominic shared photos of their mother from a happier day.

They say she has sporadic contact with her six children and suffers from schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder, and has been physically, mentally and sexually abused in the past.

"She knows she was violently attacked, but in her mind, it's just another part in the story of her life," said Nicole.

The six alleged attackers remain behind bars and will be tried as adults. The D'Angelos support that.

"They planned it, they executed it, and they fled the scene knowing what they did. They're old enough to know the difference between right and wrong," said Domenic.

"Not only did they hurt somebody that wasn't able to take care of themselves, but they left her there," said Nicole.

The D'Angelos say because of her mental health issues their mother should not be living on her own. They say their mother needs 24 hour care in a safe environment where she can't be preyed upon.

Domenic and Nicole say she is in a place like that now, though they won't say where.

And they've started a fund called "Justice for Della" at TD Bank where those interested can donate.

"I'm going to make sure she gets everything she deserves and these girls pay for what they did to her," Nicole said.

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