Parenting: Middle child syndrome

October 3, 2012

If they only knew how completely I love and respect each of them. There are times I think sharing our attention, can be tricky though.

Inevitably, a lot of focus is on the older one who is forging through unchartered territory in our family and the youngest who needs our attention simply so he doesn't get hurt!

Where does that leave my wonderful second daughter and what can I do about it?

I found an interesting article in birth order on that offered great insight into what the birth order means for each child.

I read also read an article on that frankly frightened me. Elizabeth Danish wrote that some of the characteristics of a middle child include loneliness, emptiness and low self esteem.

It broke my heart to think that my daughter might be so negatively affected by our struggle to care for three different children.

According to Danish, a possible solution is simply to recognize that the middle child may not be getting enough attention. It's important that your middle child know that their feelings matter and their voice is heard.

Spending quality one on one time could be a simple solution and it's something we already try to do in our home. After reading these articles, I'm going to increase the amount of time we spend with our middle child and be sure she's getting just as much attention as the others.

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