Council Rock South plays game after health scare

HOLLAND, Pa. - October 1, 2012

The game was scheduled for this past Friday night.

It was postponed after seven cases of Impetigo and one case of the more drug-resistant skin disease known as MRSA were confirmed in athletes, primarily football players, from Council Rock South.

The school district sent out e-mails to parents last night and tonight stating that all the cases are under control, the high school has been cleaned and sanitized, and there is little to no threat of the diseases spreading any further.

The seven students with Impetigo and 18 others who may have been exposed have all been medically cleared to go back to school and rejoin their teams.

But Action News is told the football player with MRSA has been out of school for more than a week and has not been cleared by his doctors; he is, however, improving.

16-year-old David Haun says he was diagnosed and is now being treated for Impetigo, that involves keeping the area covered and using antibiotic ointment or pills.

Impetigo starts with red bumps or blisters. It will then spread and crust. It's caused by strep or staph bacteria including MRSA.

Bucks County Health Director David Damsker says Council Rock parents have no reason to be overly concerned.

"There are outbreaks of Impetigo throughout the country in different locations at any given time. It's a very common skin infection," Damsker said.

Damsker says if your child is involved in athletics there are some precautions you may want to take. "If I was a parent of a football player at this game tonight, as I would after every game, I would make sure that any cuts or scrapes are washed very thoroughly after the game, as well as taking a shower with the Benzoyl Peroxide product," Damsker said.

Those products are found over the counter in body washes and help to kill bacteria.

The school district says the Impetigo cases and the MRSA case are not linked, but medical officials Action News spoke with say there is now to know that for sure.

As for the game, Pennsbury defeated Council Rock South 28-7.

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