Local reaction to Pa.'s voter ID ruling

PHILADELPHIA - October 2, 2012

DOCUMENT: Read the entire decision on pacourts.us

Some were happy to hear that today a Pennsylvania judge delayed full implementation of the highly contested state law requiring strict identification to vote in next month's general election.

Like the judge, even those for the ID requirement felt it wasn't enough time to ensure potential voters had access to the new documents.

"Overall I think it's the best thing. There's no need to rush the decision and rush the law. Not this time, there wasn't enough time," Rachel Branson of Center City said.

"This clearly was an attempt to repress the voting of persons not likely to have identification which are largely minorities and impoverished people," Louis Cromholm-Neff of Bala Cynwyd, Pa. said.

"I think it's good that we have the voter ID, but I think it was good to put off for this election because not enough people have time to get it," Shelly Michael of Ardmore, Pa. said.

But others are disappointed in the judge's decision. They are genuinely concerned about voter fraud and believe the law should take effect in time for this election.

"If that's just one way to make me feel even 1% more safe in regards to knowing that my vote is serious and is going to count, I think it's a good idea," Michael Crosentino of King of Prussia, Pa. said.

The judge's ruling is allow the law to go into effect next year, but some say they don't even think that should happen.

Others say, you are required to show ID to make some purchases, voting shouldn't be any different.

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