Mrs. Fixit: Campfire Classics

October 6, 2012

Don't get yourself dirty carrying wood to the fire, grab a reuseable shopping bag and some scissors.

Cut the two sides of the bag off, leaving the sides with the straps in place, lay the bag flat and you have a strong and sturdy carrier for fire logs.

If you always have trouble lighting a fire, try making some homemade firestarters.

Take an empty paper towel or toilet paper tube and stuff a cupcake wrapper in one end to make and end cap, then fill the tube with scraps of fabric or paper and seal the other end the same way.

If you don't have any tp or paper towel tubes handy try a paper plate, think of it as a firestarter burrito, line up your paper or fabric and roll the plate around the items, folding in the ends after the first couple of rolls.

Once you have your fire built, if you only have small matches and can't seem to light your fire, try lighting a taper candle and using it to reach into the logs to light your firestarters.

They'll burn longer so the logs have a chance to catch up - now all I need is some marshmallows! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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