Pizza Brain: Philadelphia's Pizza Museum

PHILADELPHIA - October 4, 2012

"I have been collecting and loving pizza somewhere between my first hot pocket and the ball pit of Chuck E. Cheese."

In fact, Brian Dywer's piping hot passion for pies has earned him a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records as a purveyor of the largest collection of pizza memorabilia.

"Pizza Brain is the first pizza museum ever... in the universe!"

From the walls to the floors, every inch of his Fishtown ode to the iconic pie reads like a love story: Saucy; Steamy; A little cheesy.

"We have hundreds of LPs, 45s, cassette tapes," Dwyer says.

It's a real slice of pizza pop culture. From Barbie to Blondie; board games; clocks and Ninja Turtles, he's collected thousands of pizza pieces in chronological pop order

"I appreciate pizza for its inherently communal DNA. It brings people together."

Dwyer's even decorated himself, with a tattoo that screams "Totally Saucesome." The wall out back is "The Pizzalebrity Wall of Fame."

And of course, at Pizza Brain there's pizza styles, freshly gourmet and a little funky with names like Forbes Wagonsense and Jane (because it's plain. Get it?) There's the Lucy Waggle: A white pie with proscuitto and dates, fresh arugula and pine nuts.

And what pizza party would be complete without ice cream. It really tastes like pizza with some notes of pepperoni, garlic and tomato.

Frankly, it could be the ultimate cold pizza.

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