Wilmington couple claims $50M Powerball prize

October 5, 2012 1:44:22 PM PDT
A husband and wife from Wilmington, Delaware have come forward to claim their $50 million jackpot from the Wednesday Powerball drawing.

The couple, who opted to remain anonymous, selected the cash single-payment value for the jackpot, which totaled $33.05 million before federal withholding taxes.?

The winning ticket was validated by Delaware Lottery officials on Friday afternoon.

? "I checked my numbers in the newspaper during a break at work, and when I realized I had won, I had the shakes," said the man, who described himself as a laborer, in a written statement. "I was like, I'm done. I'm done for the day!"

? His wife was similarly rattled when she heard about their good fortune.

? "I said, 'Oh my God!'" she said in the statement. "And I immediately thought, 'What can we do for our family?'"

The ticket was purchased at Cutrona's Liquors in Wilmington.