Sea Rescue with Sam Champion kicks off 2nd season

October 6, 2012

The new season focuses on real life rescues, rehabilitation and the release of sea life back into their natural habitat.

"One of my favorite is the bullied dolphin that won't go back into the water. What's going on with it, it makes headlines but you don't really see who helps it, who rescues it, what happens and what happens afterwards," said Champion.

Season two starts by pulling at your heart strings with a seal that is suffering from a gunshot wound.

It also delves into how to care for the youngest of animals in the wild, that need TLC.

"There's not a normal treatment for how you nourish a malnourished baby sea animal. There's not baby food you can buy at the store or baby formula. All this is kind of MacGyvered and manufactured by these teams and figured out," said Champion.

Champion says he has always been inspired by the environment, and sea life and hopes these stories encourage you get involved.

It's easier than ever to take that first step:

"Sea Resuce is on twitter @searescuetv, and also has a Facebook page. As a community get involved and start to teach kids how not to hurt them, it's a great place to start," said Champion.

You can watch Sea Rescue with Sam Champion every Saturday on 6abc, at 11:30 a.m.

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