Vote 2012: Pennsylvania's 8th District

FAIRLESS HILLS, Pa. - October 8, 2012

The 8th Congressional District covers Bucks County and parts of Montgomery County and is considered to be a swing district.

Democrat Kathy Boockvar is challenging incumbent Republican Mike Fitzpatrick.

The GOP national establishment is watching this race closely, still trying to decide whether to inject more cash into this race.

Boockvar calls Fitzpatrick a prisoner of the far right who embodies gridlock and obstructionism in Washington.

"He has voted with Tea Party on every issue of substance, every vote of substance, for the past 21 months. He's voted for the Ryan budget twice, which would end Medicare as we know it," Boockvar said.

Fitzpatrick stands against President Barack Obama on virtually all the issues that are prominent here in 2012, especially on taxes and spending.

"I am one of the most likely, in our nation's capital, to reach across the aisle, to stand up against my party when I believe they're wrong," Fitzpatrick said.

A Republican PAC out of Washington has put up an internet attack claiming Boockvar has ties to convicted cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal because her husband's law firm once represented Abu-Jamal's literary agent in a parking ticket dispute. Former governor Ed Rendell called it a vicious smear.

"This is politics that has all sorts of different overtones. It's sleazy, it's disgraceful, it made me disgusted with my profession," Rendell said.

Fitzpatrick blamed it all on the GOP PAC but refused to criticize or disavow the ad.

"I've read the documents, I personally find them troubling. I don't think it's the central issue in the campaign," said Fitzpatrick.

The 8th district remains one of the nation's premier swing districts, turning incumbents out at a staggering rate. This congressional battle could turn on how well president does here in Bucks County on November 6th.

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