Grateful family thanks Good Samaritans in Chester

CHESTER, Pa. - October 9, 2012

Her 77-year-old mother Katie Bean, who suffers from dementia, was nowhere to be found.

"I fell to my knees and I told my daughter, 'call 911 cause I can't find my mom,'" Miah said.

Miah says it was 5:30 a.m., cold and misty, as she drove around all over Chester looking for her mom and fearing the worse.

"I'm driving through alleys and looking and looking," Miah said.

About an hour later, 34-year-old Danny Burton of Chester was on his way to pick up his cousin Khayree and then head to work.

He says it was dark and misty and as he turned the corner at 13th and Edwards streets, his headlights caught a glimmer of something in a grassy field.

"I seen someone in the grass, moving her hands and something made me stop and I was like, 'wait a minute.' So when Khayree came, I said, 'Khayree, who is that right there?' He was like, 'I'm not sure,'" Burton said.

The two ran up to the elderly frail woman who was in her nightgown and shivering.

"We asked the lady was she OK? She didn't respond and we asked her again. She didn't respond," Burton said.

They called 911.

Ms. Bean was taken to Crozer Chester Medical Center where an exam showed she suffered no more than a minor bruise.

Tonight, Miah got to meet one of the Good Samaritans and his relatives who helped find her mother.

She had this to say to Danny, "And I just thank God for you, you could've just kept on going, but you stopped and it just goes to show what kind of young man you are and i just thank god for you and Khayree."

"Everything in Chester isn't bad; everything that's in Chester isn't bad," Burton said.

So instead of a tragedy, people are grateful that 77-year-old Katie Bean is OK, all thanks to the Good Samaritans in Chester.

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