Driver rams 21 parked cars in Fairmount (PHOTOS)

FAIRMOUNT - October 11, 2012


The incident took place near the 1900 block of Poplar Street in the Fairmount section of the city overnight. Residents along this street were in for a rude awakening when they discovered their vehicles damaged.

The 23-year-old driver allegedly drove down the narrow street swerving and smashing into vehicles on both sides of the street.

Resident James Allen explains to Action News, "I was busy doing my homework and all of a sudden I heard a loud bang. My grandmother thought a house had collapsed - I thought it was thunder."

Turns out it was actually a driver smashing into a line of parked vehicles along several Fairmount blocks. Police say 21 were hit in all. Car after car, dent after dent, the extent of the damage became clear in the light of day near the 1900 block of Poplar Street.

Neighbors came out Thursday morning to discover what was left of their cars. Ryan O'Connor found his Audi smashed in what turned out to be an unlucky spot to park last night.

O'Connor tells us, "I come home late. I work over in Cherry Hill as a youth minister. This was the only spot available. I've parked here many-a-times."

Store surveillance cameras captured footage of the car zooming down the street - debris flying into the air in its wake. His Chrysler eventually came to a stop and the driver was found unconscious. Authorities say it's obvious the driver lost control, though the reason why is under investigation.

Resident Melody Regino says, "For a car to go this fast and to have his foot on the accelerator the entire time, there had to be something at play. I mean, he just drove for two blocks hitting every car."

Whether a medical condition or alcohol were factors in the incident remains under investigation. So charges will depend on what police find out.

Meanwhile, the driver remains hospitalized in stable condition. Police have not released his identification.

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