SEPTA subway shooting suspect arrested

NORTH PHILADELPHIA - October 8, 2012

Shawn Walker, 18, was wanted for the incident at the Broad and Glenwood SEPTA subway station on Sunday evening.

He was arrested at his aunt's house in the 5200 Block of Duffield Street just hours after being named as the suspect on Thursday.

Walker allegedly confessed to the subway shooting after he was picked up. Police say they have not recovered the gun from that shooting, and don't expect to. Walker allegedly told them he threw the gun in the trash shortly after firing it. The subway station shooting happened at 7:40 p.m. Sunday. The victim, a 53-year-old man, was shot in the hip.

The man told police he was shot as he walked from the subway platform after exiting the train.

"He was on the only person on the platform with the complainant that morning, and he waited for him to come up the steps," said Lt. George McClay of the Philadelphia Police.

The victim says the suspect walked up the subway stairs and quickly turned around to face him. The shooter pointed a handgun at the victim and said, "Give it up."

As the victim tried to run away, police say Walker fired one time striking the 53-year-old in the hip.

The victim collapsed and the shooter demanded money again. The victim gave the shooter his wallet containing $280 and credit cards.

SEPTA patrol officers inside the station heard the gunshot. The officers checked the area and saw the suspect running from the subway station.

SEPTA police officers pursued the shooter on foot and notified their radio dispatch, but lost sight of the male suspect near the 2700 block of 15th Street.

"I really feel that this guy would have shot and killed him if not for the SEPTA police walking around the corner and helping him at that point," said Lt. McClay.

The victim was transported to Temple University Hospital where he remains in critical condition.

Police said Walker was also being sought in connection with a robbery at 1601 West Lehigh on October 5th.

In that crime, a masked man identified by police as Walker can be seen on surveillance video rummaging through the cash register while waving a gun at the store owner.

Sources say, while Walker has admitted to the shooting, he has not admitted to this robbery.

An accomplice to the robbery, who acted as a lookout, remains at large.

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