Search continues for hit-and-run victim

MARLTON, N.J. - October 11, 2012

Officers have been looking along roadsides, wooded areas, anywhere, where an injured person, or now increasingly likely a body, might be found.

Complicating the search is that the elderly driver cannot tell police where he had been driving prior to being stopped by officers.

He said his 1997 Taurus hit something, but he didn't know it was person.

"He was confused. He was lost and we're trying to back-track his steps," Evesham Township Police Sgt. Joseph Friel said.

Friel says the man has been very cooperative with police.

Police know the driver was at the Cherry Hill Mall Apple Store at about 6:00 p.m. Tuesday to have work done to his iPad and was stopped on Main Street in Marlton about two hours later, but the route he took is unknown.

The ride from the Cherry Hill Mall to Marlton should normally take 20 minutes.

Police are looking for surveillance video and cellular data hoping it might give them a clue to what roads the man traveled.

"We're also checking all cell towers and routers, all electronics, to get a lead, to get a start," Friel said.

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