Suspect in woman's taped beating apologizes in court

CHESTER, Pa. - October 15, 2012


19-year-old Takia Edwards-Couch, 17-year-old Jasmir Womack, 16-year-old Anye Dennis, 16-year-old Rahmiyah Henderson, 16-year-old Janeya Bell and 15-year-old Jamia Davis are charged as adults in the videotaped beating that happened outside the victim's home last month.

Police say all six teenagers were seen on cell phone video viciously beating and stomping a mentally disabled woman as she sat on her front step. Police say they chased the woman into her house and continued to beat her with a chair, a shoe and their fists.

Five of the defendants are underage and they waived their hearings so they could go to school. However, Anye Denis shed tears as she offered an apology to the family, and her grandmother continued the apology after court.

"From Anye, from us to them - I apologize so much," said Dennis' grandmother, Coretta Dennis.

The victim, a 48-year-old mentally challenged woman, testified during the hearing. She told the court that four of the attackers claimed her she owed them money, something she knew nothing about. She said she was bloodied during the attack and was hit with a chair.

However, when asked if she could identify Takia Edwards, who was sitting at the defense table, she admitted she could not.

"The alleged victim could not identify my client. I think that's rather significant," said Edwards' attorney Kevin Coyne.

The prosecutor, and the victim's daughter, are confident police have identified the right people.

"That's irrelevant. It's all in the video," said the victim's daughter, Nicole D'Angelo.

The teens have been ordered held for trial.

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