Mrs. Fixit: Grout A Tile

October 20, 2012

Mix your grout according to the directions provided, they will vary slightly from brand to brand so be sure you read your package.

Once the grout is mixed, put a glob on the floor and use a grout float held at a forty-five degree angle to push the grout into the tile. Work diagonally across the tiles back and forth to be sure you're filling the joints.

Avoid the spaces between the tile and the wall or other materials, these act as expansion joints and they are needed to make your tile job last.

Once you've grouted the entire space, let it sit for a few minutes and then you can start removing excess grout.

Use a large damp sponge to remove excess grout from the surface of the tile. You will need to rinse and wring out your sponge several times as you work. You want to remove excess grout from the tile without removing it from the joints.

Once you've removed as much grout as possible let it dry. When you see a haze forming on the tile, you're going to want to use an old cotton towel to buff the tiles to a shine.

Let the grout dry completely before you allow traffic on it - usually another twenty-four hours. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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