Phila. Orchestra to open new season with new conductor

PHILADELPHIA - October 17, 2012

Yannick Nezet Seguin may not be a household name in your home yet, but he could be real soon.

He is the new 37-year-old Maestro taking the Helm of the 111 year old Philadelphia Orchestra.

Wednesday was one of the last rehearsals before Thursday night's opening. The orchestra rehearsed Verdi's Requiem which will be performed over the weekend.

The sound is like lightning for the ear.

Concert Master David Kim, a veteran of 13 years, says the source of that power is the Montreal born conductor.

"Every time Yannick gets on the podium and conducts us, there is a certain electricity in the air, and I say that with zero exaggeration. Every time he's there, there is a certain crackle in the air, it is a sold out house, and a gigantic standing ovation," said Kim.

David Levin was among those picking up tickets at the box office Wednesday. He says he's heard good things about the highly animated intense young man on the podium.

"My hunch is he is going to be very good. I have found this year that there is going to be more concerts that I am attracted to then there have been in recent years. So I hope we're on the right direction," said Levin.

The Orchestra recently exited a painful bankruptcy, and has shrunk the number of players from 105 to 96 along with cuts in salaries.

The orchestra knows it must attract new fans and a wider audience. Many believe the new high energy music director is just the man to do it.

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