Woman gives birth on SEPTA subway car in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA - October 17, 2012

A woman gave birth to her baby onboard a subway car.

She was apparently alone in the car, gave birth, and walked off the subway at the Olney station.

The umbilical cord was still attached when the new mother walked up to a SEPTA police officer.

Officer Loyd Rodgers called 911.

He told Action News he could not believe how calm the mother remained throughout the whole ordeal.

"The medics arrived and that's when they cut the cord. She never, ever groaned, she never moaned. The baby never cried. It was like the baby took on her personality," said Rodgers.

We are told the baby came into the world a month early.

Both mother and child are healthy and doing well at Einstein Medical Center.

They are expected to be released Thursday morning.

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