Woman beaten, man shot in North Philly home invasion

NORTH PHILADELPHIA - October 20, 2012

The home invasion robbery left the couple battered and fearing for their lives. They tell Action News that this was the second time in four months that their home was broken into, except this time bullets were flying.

The incident happened inside an apartment on the 700 block of Allegheny Avenue.

One of the victims, 41-year-old Ja Bao Yang, tells us, "I think I should be die (sic)."

Ja Bao lived to tell his terrifying story hours after he was pistol-whipped, stabbed and shot in the back by two armed robbers in his Kensington home.

Hong Rong Tang, the other victim, explained that she heard someone going up the stairs. She then yelled at them, "who are you?" That's when she says the man pistol-whipped her in the head - all of this happening while her 18-month-old baby lay asleep under the covers next to her.

"He just say, 'Where's the money? Give me the money,'" Tang said.

And then bullets started flying. At least one struck the man in the back.

The husband and wife were transported to the hospital, all while the two dark-skinned males, described to be in their 20s or 30s wearing hoodies, took off with some items from the home.

The search is on for the suspects in this brazen, violent crime. Anyone with information is asked to contact Philadelphia police.

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