2 men charged with touching, assaulting women in Delaware

October 22, 2012 12:34:28 PM PDT
Newark police have arrested two Maryland men after several women were assaulted on the street.

It happened about 1 a.m. Sunday on East Cleveland Avenue.

Police say two women were walking through a group of men when the men slapped the women on the buttocks. Five more women walked through the group and were also hit on the buttocks.

Offices say one woman tried to call 911, but one of the men grabbed her phone and threw it. Police say another woman was grabbed around the neck.

Police arrived, and witnesses identified two men allegedly involved in the incident.

Nineteen-year-old Anthony Battle of Edgewood, Md., was charged with robbery and unlawful sexual contact.

Twenty-one-year-old Desmond Romeo, also of Edgewood, was charged with strangulation and unlawful sexual contact.