Dog recovers from severe head injury in Bucks County

BRISTOL, Pa. - October 23, 2012

Initial reports suggest it was hit by a car.

But both the dog's owners and the Good Samaritan who found the animal believe the injuries are no accident.

"This is beyond cruel to me," said Marie Waligorski of Bristol Township.

Marie says she is convinced that someone hit her dog over the head with a bat or a club some time after the pet escaped from her yard on Friday.

It was later in the evening when emergency dispatcher Jessica Finnell received a 911 call about a dog terribly injured near Emilie Road.

Jessica was so disturbed by the call, she actually went to the animal hospital after her shift.

"She was scared. She held her tail between her legs for the longest time," she said.

But the 7-year-old terrier mix had suffered a blow to the head so severe its skull was fractured in several spots.

An X-ray reveals that the force of the blow knocked the dog's eyes out of their sockets.

Still, Veterinary Doctor David Puerto says this story could've ended worse.

"She suffered some major skull injuries, and she's very lucky she's alive," said Puerto.

Action News was there when the dog, named Dusk, was reunited with its owner.

Marie Waligorski said the reunion was only possible because Jessica took in Dusk as her own, and a local paper wrote a story about what happened.

"I can't thank her enough that she did all that she's done. She treated our dog like we treat our dog," said Marie.

But the question remains: How did this happen?

It's possible Dusk was hit by a car, but Jessica says that's highly unlikely.

"We wanted to think that it was maybe a car accident or something. But she doesn't have abrasions or road rash anywhere on her," she said.

Animal Control officers were back on the scene Tuesday looking for possible witnesses and surveillance cameras in the area where Dusk was injured.

Meantime, Marie says the person responsible must be found.

"They need to be caught. Because this to me is the beginning of something . . . If someone's going to do this to a dog, who knows what they could do to anyone else?" she said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Bristol Township Police.

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