Truck tire crashes into car of Delco couple

MEDIA, Pa. - October 23, 2012

"It was a horrible moment," said Ahyeon Baek."

It was horrible for Ahyeon Baek and her husband Kiwon Lee. He was driving their Honda Accord east on the Schuylkill Monday morning around 9:30 a.m. when suddenly a runaway tractor-trailer tire broad-sided them on the passenger side.

Ahyeon is 7-months pregnant. Fortunately both were wearing seat belts.

"I just saw the tire in a split minute, the tire hit our car," she said.

Ahyeon was covered with shattered glass. It was even inside her mouth.

"She was crying, and I was trying to figure out what happened to us," said Kiwon Lee.

By the time they regained their senses they were surrounded by fire rescue, police and ambulances.

Ahyeon was worried about the health of her baby. She was rushed to the hospital where she was kept overnight.

"My baby looks good," said Ahyeon.

These newlyweds were married only 18 months ago in their South Korean homeland. They came here right after their wedding.

He is a researcher at Children's Hospital.

They were on their way to her English class in Center City when the tire hit them.

"I realize we are so fortunate because we are not injured," said Kiwon.

The investigation by state police continues, and a meeting and inspection of the tractor-trailer believed to be the one involved is being set up.

Investigators must match the tire to the vehicle

At this point, the tractor-trailer driver does not appear to be in deep hot water. He will most likely be hit with a summary offense for driving with an unsecured tire.

Ahyeon and Kiwon are hesitant to call their relatives back home. They are concerned the details of the accident will only disturb their family as they head into the final two months of the pregnancy.

"I hope it never happens again to other people," Kiwon said.

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