Action News gets Action

October 24, 2012

We're calling it Action News gets Action!

We start Action News Gets Action with a problem most of us can relate to. Everyone knows how annoying it is to lose power in your house. Well, imagine if you're trying to run a business and the lights go out over and over and over again.

Casey Parker owns Jose Pistola, a restaurant and bar in Center City.

He pays PECO about $1,700 a month but says what he's been getting for his money is chronic power problems; meaning no lights, no TV, no cold beer.

Casey says it has been terribly frustrating, and he has made numerous calls to PECO to report his problems.

"They've been patching it over and over and it's not an actual fix," he said.

Casey says he is losing more than money; he is losing his patience!

His restaurant has had four or five full outages in the last five years, and up to 8 partial ones.

To get action, we went straight to PECO's executive office on Market Street for answers.

"It was about an hour and a half later that four trucks showed up," said Casey.

After Action News brought the situation to PECO's attention, they replaced two 12-foot sections of underground cable.

"And we are also going to be installing a device at the property that will monitor the electric usage and help us determine where the issue is," said Ben Armstrong, PECO.

"Since then, it's been working," said Casey. "We've experienced a couple dips. Hopefully this will pick it up and we'll find out what the problem is."

So why did it take so long for PECO to fix this problem in the first place?

PECO says the times its crews came out before, it appeared a quick fix was all that was necessary.

When asked if Action News Gets Action live up to its name?

"Absolutely," said Casey. "I was blown away. Thank you so much. We are going to stay on top of the situation and make sure everything continues to work 100%. Thank you."

Action News would like to get action for you. If you have an issue you need help with, call or email Call for Action at 1-866-978-4232. The hotline is staffed Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

You can also email our volunteers through Call for Action.

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