Reward upped to $50k for baby missing from Montgomery Co., Pa.

UPPER MERION TWP., Pa. - October 25, 2012

"Please help us by providing any kind of information you can," said the baby's uncle, Ram Venna.

It has now been four days since baby Saanvi disappeared.

Monday afternoon, police found the body of Saanvi's grandmother at the Marquis Apartments in King of Prussia. She had been murdered, and the baby was gone.

61-year-old Satayvathi Venna had come here from India for a visit with her son and his family.

The family is now coping with the double tragedy of a murder and a kidnapping.

On Wednesday night they hosted a candlelight vigil in King of Prussia, imploring the public to help find Saanvi.

Upper Merion Police, county detectives and the FBI have been working the case around the clock. They've conducted multiple searches in and around the apartment complex.

Late Wednesday, they flew in specially trained FBI bloodhounds. Investigators fanned out Thursday in an effort to interview everyone who may have had contact with the family.

Police do not believe this was a random crime.

Ram Venna lost his mother and is now agonizing over the safety of his niece. He'll return to India tomorrow for his mother's funeral.

"I planned to visit this place for the next one or two months to see my mom and spend some time with her. But unfortunately, this all happened. There is nothing that I can say at this point in time," he said.

Another candlelight vigil will be held Thursday night in Bridgewater, New Jersey and others are planned for Dallas and Atlanta. There's no telling how far the kidnapper may have taken the baby by now.

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