How to prepare for Hurricane Sandy's arrival

PHILADELPHIA - October 26, 2012

She suggests getting an emergency kit ready that will sustain you for three days, whether you have to stay put or leave at a moment's notice.

"You want water, lots of water," Cardwell Hughes told Action News. "You want a gallon per person."

Among other items you will want to include: non-perishable food, a toiletry kit, rain poncho, a whistle, heavy gloves and safety goggles if you can get them. If you can't, use your sunglasses. And, experts say, don't forget a battery-powered radio.

"When the earthquake hit our region, cell towers went down," said Cardwell Hughes. "And the only way to get information was through the old-fashioned, battery-powered radio."

Include flashlights and batteries in your kit. Even if you live inland, don't think you're immune to storm damage.

"We might get a direct hit," said Cardwell Hughes, "with winds of 70 mph."

A lot of the items you can get at stores like Lowes in South Philadelphia.

Store Manager Patrick Kirby has set up a section in the store with items you may need. Merchandise is going quickly, but he told us the company will dispatch emergency response teams to keep re-stocking.

Here are some other suggestions for how to prepare:

- Top off gas tanks. If power is knocked out, gas pumps and ATMs won't work.

- Have a working flashlight and batteries handy.

- Have a battery-operated radio (to be able to listen to news reports about the storm).

- Fill drug prescriptions.

- Have a first-aid kit at home.

- Stock supplies of water and nonperishable food for 5 days. An adequate water supply is 1 gallon of water per person per day.

- Stock baby formula and diapers, if there are babies at home.

- Heed evacuation orders from the Office of Emergency Management.


311 Call Center (City of Philadelphia only) - Dial 311

PECO Customer Service - 800-494-4000

PECO Emergency Hotline - 800-841-4141

Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) - 215-685-6300

Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) - 215-235-1212


Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management (Phila. OEM)

Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA)

New Jersey Office of Emergency Management

Delaware Emergency Management Agency

Delmarva Power

Ready Notify Pa. Sign up for local alerts about emergencies, severe weather and road closures on your mobile phone or by email. (Pennsylvania locations only)

American Red Cross, Southeastern Pa. Chapter Here you will find more on the Red Cross' recommended 'go bags' and how to download its hurricane app for mobile devices.

PECO has a new mobile app to let customers to report power outages, check the status of their service, etc. from their smart phones. Click the link for more details.

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