PennDOT prepares for Hurricane Sandy

MEDIA, Pa. - October 26, 2012

They've been preparing for the storm all week.

They've been gassing up all their vehicles and making sure that equipment including chainsaws are in good working order.

Crews have been working all week clearly storm drain inlets, but Mother Nature has been known to throw curves.

"The problem is, the stream of leaves, once it starts raining, re-covers the inlets," said PennDOT Highway Foreman Joe Zielke. "So we have to keep an eye on them."

PennDOT's Delaware County Maintenance Manager Michael Murphy says they're prepared to bring in mobile emergency teams from other parts of the state to assist the 60 county PennDOT workers here.

"We're speaking to all our troops, telling them to get ready to have a nice restful weekend because we'll be going pretty much around the clock once the storm hits," he said.

Area residents are advised to check their sump pumps, prepare generators, gather water and food and clean gutters and drains to insure that rainwater is carried away properly.

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