AccuWeather: Sandy Expected to Move Inland Across South Jersey

October 28, 2012


This would potentially mean a greater storm surge farther south along the coast and closer to our local beaches. The track could change again, but this latest adjustment does not bode well for coastal communities.

Also, the winds associated with the storm are growing on forecast models and widening. This could mean that a larger portion of the area could see the strongest winds; gusts over 80 mph are not out of the question in the hardest hit areas.

Hurricane Sandy is still a Category 1 storm with sustained winds at 75 miles per hour. It is still moving northeast along the east coast to our south.

There is a Storm Warning issued for the Delaware Bay and the New Jersey Beaches; we are expecting waves up to 3-8 feet along the bay and up to 15-22 feet for the N.J. ocean front, with the worst hit areas yet to be determined (it depends on the exact landfall location).

A general Flood Watch is in effect across the region because of the threat of heavy rain from the storm, especially Monday and early Tuesday.

A High Wind Watch has been issued for Monday into Tuesday for the entire region, as we are looking at wind gusts anywhere from 60 to 80 miles per hour.

Downed trees, downed wires and prolonged power outages are possible. Coastal Flooding with Sandy will also be an issue, as there will be an astronomically higher-than-normal tide.

TONIGHT: It's cloudy and wet with both rain and wind gradually intensifying. The lows are in the 50s..

MONDAY: Sandy is expected to arrive Monday night, but ahead of it, rain and wind will build. Heavy rain will fall at times throughout the day and night. Flooding is highly likely along streets, streams and creeks, and possible rivers later on Monday or Tuesday. Downed trees, downed wires and power outages are also likely. Look for sustained winds over 50 mph and gusts as high as 60-80 mph. the current "most likely" track puts the storm onshore Monday night or in the wee hours of Tuesday morning between Stone Harbor and Long Beach Island. While there is still a range of possible landing spots, the potential for widespread coastal flooding is also present, with the worst on-shore winds and storm surge just to north of the point of landfall (which, again, is not certain as of now). Severe beach erosion and possible property damage are also in play near the coast. The high: 57.

TUESDAY: This is still a messy day with relatively strong winds and periods of steady rain. Overall, conditions should be better than Monday, but that may not be saying much since residual flooding and some additional falling trees and branches are still likely. Winds and rain may become less intense as the day goes on, though. It will still be cool with a high of 54.

WEDNESDAY: Halloween looks mainly cloudy and chilly for this time of year. It will still be breezy and some showers are still possible. The afternoon high is only 56 and we'll be in the 40s in most neighborhoods for trick or treaters.

THURSDAY: It's likely still mostly cloudy and cool with a high around 54, with a chance of a shower.

FRIDAY: It's partly sunny to partly cloudy with a high of 55. We still can't rule out a shower.

SATURDAY: Sun and Clouds. High: 57.

SUNDAY: Variable clouds. High: 59.

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