Bulkheads on bay, ocean breached in Longport, NJ

LONGPORT, N.J. - October 30, 2012

Mayor Nick Russo showed us the giant piles of sand that crews have already removed from the streets at the south end of Longport.

"We have a tremendous amount of sand that has been displaced from the ocean side into the streets. In some places, 9, 10, 12 inches of sand," Russo said.

Russo is ordering evacuated residents to stay away, as emergency vehicles and a dump truck have already gotten stuck in the wet sand.

But that is hardly the only problem on Absecon Island. Along the causeway leading to the Longport Bridge, a half-dozen utility poles toppled onto the roadway in Sandy's high winds.

The heavy rain and high tides led to lots of flooding, especially in beach blocks, and sometimes even in the second blocks from the beach. A water line could be seen on a garage at 38th Avenue on the far side of Atlantic.

On Kenyon, the bulkhead washed away entirely so that at high tide, nothing stopped the water from rushing toward Atlantic Avenue.

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