Bucks County residents regroup after Sandy's impact

BRISTOL, Pa. - October 31, 2012

There is progress for some areas of Bucks County, but it depends on where you go. There are still many areas completely in the dark.

Action News attracted a crowd in Bristol Township by setting up a mobile power station.

Power By Action News allowed neighbors from the Farmbrook Section of town gathered to charge up their cell phones, tablets, electric shavers, and other battery-powered appliances. All while most are dealing with more than just the loss of electricity.

"I lost my roof," said Nancy Golembesky. "What can you do? You go on. It's just a roof."

Over in the Highland Park Section of Middletown, Joseph Foley took in his mother whose assisted living facility is still without power. The problem is that Joseph's house remains in the dark as well.

But 92-year-old Nicolina says her son's house is still a much better option.

"It's as cold as it could be where I was at, and the power was all out. I don't know how long I am going to be staying here, maybe a couple more days," said Nicolina Foley."

Joseph says the most frustrating part is how his neighbors across the street, who are connected to a different grid, are back on line.

On the other side of town Fred Kurtz, who lives on Harrow Street, says a giant tree took out power lines and cable lines across three backyards including his neighbor's Monday night.

"I was at work. My neighbor told me the story of when it came down, and it just took out everything. It doesn't look like we will be getting anything fixed any time soon," said Kurtz.

Trees are still down waiting to be removed from rooftops. Repairs are just beginning.

People are doing the best they can to get by, but it hasn't been easy.

"It's devastating. It kind of gets emotional for me, cause I think we, luckily, didn't have anything, but all the other poor people that had their houses crushed.

Luckily, no one around here was hurt," Bristol resident Amy Wightman said.

In Bensalem, stores stayed closed another because the power is out. At a Wawa on Street Road, spoiled food was carted out and tossed out.

At Street and Hulmeville, emergency generators were being set up to get traffic lights operating again.

"We've been in contact with PECO like everyone else and they're telling us as soon as possible, they'll have power back up," Bensalem Township Director of Public Works Jim Ryan said.

Ryan said they're hoping to have power back up by the weekend.

Also in Bensalem overnight, 95-year-old elen Markett and her 64-year-old daughter Kathy Griffin, and their dog died in a fire at their home in the 2900 block Marion Avenue.

Local authorities believe when the power came back on, a fire broke out in a fuse box.

The elderly woman and her daughter tried to use a garden hose to extinguish it themselves.

They suffered critical injuries and died.

"As power starts coming on, people are going to possibly experience some electrical problems in their houses. Please call 911. Do not try to fight a fire on your own. Do not try and stay in your house. No property is worth that," Fred Harran, Bensalem Township PUblic Safety Director, said.

Last night, Bristol Township asked the National Guard to come into these neighborhoods to keep an eye out for looting. Many people have left to stay in hotels at this point.

Halloween has been rescheduled until next Wednesday, November 7th.

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