Ocean City reopens to residents, property owners

OCEAN CITY, N.J. - October 31, 2012

"Then when I got to my house it was just like 'Oh my God. Oh my God.' It's really bad," said Caucci.

On Wednesday crews began digging out tons of the former beach from in and around Charlie Caucci's ocean front house.

Sand covers even the inside of the home's ground level entryway.

Viewer video shot Monday night shows the surging water that swept beach sand into houses on 54th Street in Ocean City.

It ripped away ocean front decks, tore away the plywood protection at a shore house. Left behind in the family room - about a foot and a half of sand.

Not far away front loaders labored mightily to remove sand that buried 59th Street.

Elsewhere residents and merchants pumped out water and raked up lawns.

"Unfortunately a lot of debris landed here that's why there's logs and everything here. We're just starting the cleanup process," said Brad Moran.

With so much sand swept inland the locals in the South end of Ocean City say this portion of the beach looked scrubbed empty.

A snapshot of a long closed fishing pier showed how it looked before Sandy stripped it bare.

Residents say it will be missed.

"It was kind of a landmark thing. It's sad to see it go," said Tom Kirkpatrick.

The front loaders will continue to work and more crews wil be brought in Thursday to help with the cleanup efforts.

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