Mayor: Long Beach Island damage is 'catastrophic'

HOLGATE, N.J. (AP) - October 31, 2012

Holgate, on the southern tip of Long Beach Island, is decimated. The mayor calls the damage catastrophic.

Mobile homes at the LBI trailer Park are tossed on top of one another.

"The trailer park's ruined, tons of homes on the ocean are destroyed. Its just a complete war zone down here," said Matt Reitinger.

On the beachfront, homes have two stories of pilings exposed after 12 to 15 feet of sand below them washed away.

"Years and years it's going to take to fix this, you need billions and billions of dollars," said Will Randall.

Sandy was so powerful that it moved and buried cars.

"What we are trying to do is get the sand off the street ends and the boulevard and push it up on the beach. We're trying to create a four or five foot high berm," said Mayor Joseph Mancini.

There's several feet of sand on Long Beach Boulevard and bulldozers are using it to try create new dunes . The old ones have disappeared.

"This is the worst I've ever seen it ever," said Jeanine Kleber.

"I just think of all the people that love their homes and how it's so very sad. The entire oceanfront in Holgate is destroyed," said Kitty Snyder.

Up north on 82nd Street there was more damage - a beachfront home was destroyed by the wind and the waves, tossed around like it was nothing.

"Hopefully recovery is in the plan and everyone'll do their part, do what they can to make it come back," said Maggie Aftanis.

The mayor wants to get the message out to residents that although they may be anxious to get back on the island and see what's happening to their homes, no one should exopect to get back before next week.

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