Love prevails after Sandy ruins NJ wedding venue

CHERRY HILL, N.J. - November 4, 2012

The Water's Edge in Sea Bright went from boarded up to ripped up in a matter of hours.

"This is what I've always wanted. I know it's cheesy for the guy to say that, but this is the wedding I've always wanted," Ackerman said.

The North Jersey couple who retreated to Cherry Hill this weekend in search of warmth and electricity now realize that their dream wedding, just 2 weeks away, isn't going to happen as planned.

"We had the gift bags done, the tables, the hotel stuff, everything was done and then it's gone in an instant," Ackerman said.

Backup plans at this point consist of a ceremony at a New York City bar.

"I'm wearing that dress," Kramer said.

"In 25 years from now, this is gonna be hysterical," Ackerman said.

Despite the possibility of losing several thousand dollars in vendor deposits, the couple is putting the loss into perspective.

"We have a venue we're grieving, but we still have each other," Ackerman said.

And they still have a willingness to help.

The gift bags they planned to give to guests will now go to those families who lost everything.

"If we can get through this storm, we can get through any storm, no problem," Ackerman said.

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