Long Beach Island residents allowed brief trip home

LONG BEACH ISLAND, N.J. - November 5, 2012

Residents were allowed to gather belongings and check on their homes until 3:00 p.m.

To gain access, residents needed a re-entry placard and proof of residence.

No children under 12 or pets were permitted and only one car per household was allowed.

"Then we got here. I just about had a meltdown. It looked more like World War 3 here," Ellen Martin of Point Pleasant said.

The Martin family was surveying the damage at their home on 82nd Street today, sorry for their neighbor, and thankful they sold this house three years ago.

"Just mindboggling to see this cause we owned that house at one time and to see it in that condition, I can't find the word for it," Elizabeth Martin said.

In nearby Beach Haven, Glenn Fiel wasted no time rolling up the soggy rugs in his house. His family was also gathering up wet linens and others items to put them out for trash.

"I'm worried about mold cause it's form right away, it's gonna form quick, and we want to get anything that's wet and saturated out of there so that doesn't happen," Fiel said.

Joe Territo of Staten Island, New York had four feet of water in house. His friends have come to help him clean out.

"People are there without houses and things like that so we'll get through it," Territo said.

The Island was filled today with people, not just cleaning but gawking.

The National Guard is out to keep away from a condemned house on 82nd Street.

The cleanup will be daunting, but no one's giving up on LBI.

"We usually spend Christmas down here with our families," Jennifer Horrock of Media, Pa. said.

Horrock is hopeful her family will be able to continue that tradition this year.

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