Dave and Aaron Go to Work

May 15, 2013 7:55:42 AM PDT
Philadelphia is home to the only professional theatre company in America dedicated to comedy and the troupe has a new show out just in time for the holidays.

1812 Productions has made it an annual tradition to premiere an original work each holiday season focused on a specific era of comedic history. This year, the show is called Dave and Aaron Go to Work and it's a nod to 1920s and 30s style comedy.

Dave and Aaron go to Work is like a stage version of an old silent movie with choreographed slapstick that will take you back to the days of comedy legends Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton.

The play tells the story of two friends?.one rumpled, the other fastidious? who live in a shoebox-sized apartment, and embark on a wordless search for the perfect profession.

Aaron Cromie and Dave Jadico, Main actors of show say, "It's how you can figure out how to get along and find your place in the world as an individual but also as part of a community."

Their apartment is the centerpiece of the stage as the two try their hands at a variety of jobs.

"When the curtain comes up, you see every place that they will be going to work. The set has a lot of moving parts. It's a very visual show. It's a surreal world, it's almost like we are human cartoons existing in a cartoon world that is contemporary yet nostalgic. It will be a great thing to do with the family and the kids and your friends and dates and enemies during the holidays," added Aaron and Dave.

Dave and Aaron Go to Work runs November 29th through December 31st at Plays and Players Theatre. For tickets and show times, visit 1812 Productions.