Police: 76-year-old in Radnor abduction attempt had hit list

RADNOR, Pa. - November 14, 2012

Radnor police say 76-year-old John Felder attempted to abduct a Villanova resident last Wednesday.

The attempted abduction happened on what sources tell Action News was once the Hope Montgomery Scott Estate - Androssan.

Authorities seized evidence from Felder including a Taser, flex cuffs, gloves, license plates and a mask.

Police say Felder posed as a flower delivery man during his kidnapping attempt.

"As he handed the floral arrangement over to the individual, he reached into his pocket, pulled out a Taser, and fired the Taser at the homeowner," Radnor Police Superintendent William Colarulo said.

Colarulo said only one of the Taser prongs struck the victim; the other one missed.

"The victim was able to shut the door and call 911," Colarulo said.

Detectives say Felder, who lives in Miami, Florida, made one major mistake.

He got a parking ticket while buying the flowers for his ruse at a Wayne flower shop.

Good detective work led police to Felder.

A warrant was issued for his arrest.

Felder was tracked down after trying to buy a gun at a Poconos gun show.

A background check led to police arresting him on the spot.

"One of the other reasons he was in the Poconos is he rented a location there where he planned to keep his victim," Colarulo said. Police believe money is the motive.

Felder recently ran into financial trouble.

Investigators say he's admitted to the crime and detectives have recovered a ransom note demanding gold and rare coins because they're more difficult to trace

Police are protecting the victim's identity, but he was uninjured.

"We have information to believe that Mr. Felder, for lack of a better turn, had a hit list. He had individuals that he was targeting that he felt may have had significant amount of money that could pay a ransom," Colarulo said.

Felder has been charged with aggravated assault. Kidnapping charges are pending.

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