Bradley Cooper talks about 'Silver Linings Playbook'

PHILADELPHIA - November 14, 2012

And Delaware Valley native Bradley Cooper, who stars in the film, promises that 'Silver Linings Playbook' is going to be the just the silver lining the people of this region have been looking for.

Cooper plays Pat Solitano in the film. After losing his job, his house and his wife, Solitano is back home with his parents after a brief stint at a mental institution.

'Silver Linings Playbook' is the story of the character's quest to rebuild his life and find a silver lining through the journey.

The impulsive and often inappropriately-behaving character is unlike anything Cooper has ever played. But he told me there were some similarities between himself and Solitano.

"I'm Italian-Irish, like the character. I'm a huge Eagles fan since I was a kid, like the character. My parents I could relate to. I have a friendship with Robert DeNiro so that it made it very easy to play that relationship. Anything you can do to anchor yourself in a real way is the goal," said Cooper.

DeNiro plays the hilarious role of his Eagles-obsessed dad, and Cooper says he did his best to make the character as authentic as possible.

"He actually had my uncle read his lines out loud so he could hear what the Philadelphia accent would be like," he said.

The film shows Cooper doing everything from jogging through Delaware County to sitting down at Llanerch Diner in Upper Darby. He told me it was an honor to be in a film so authentic to his hometown.

"Often you shoot a movie in Philly for Boston or for New York, but to shoot it for Philly. Also the community really got behind us. People were making food for us. Mrs. Cappeletti who lived three houses down made homemade dishes for us. It felt like a very familial experience," said Cooper.

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