Heading home via planes, trains, automobiles

PHILADELPHIA - November 25, 2012

At 30th Street Station, the trains were running on time and the lines were long as Amtrak moved thousands of riders through the Northeast Corridor on one of the busiest travel days of the year.

"I got to the station and there was a massive line waiting just to get on the train before it came to the station. it was almost out the door at the train station in Harrisburg," said Liz Busillo.

The roadways were worse with nearly 90 percent of the 44 million people travelling this holiday, choosing to drive.

Vanessa Eytin said getting her daughter from Toms River to a Megabus stop in Center City was easy.

However they wanted to make sure she didn't have to deal with a traffic mess heading back to school in DC so they planned accordingly.

"Cause it's the holiday weekend otherwise you're kind of miserable in traffic for a while that's why we're leaving on a bus at 9:20[pm] rather than like 4 in the afternoon," said Zahava Eytin.

At Philadelphia International and across the country, flying for many was a breeze. Less air travelers caused fewer but more expensive flights.

"Compared to previous years when I've traveled on this weekend it was absolutely nothing so it was fabulous," said Jamie Shipon.

The Shipon family from Yardley was just thankful for a smooth traveling day with their little one.

Other airport travelers felt the same way. There were few complaints and few problems.

Nearly 15 million people across the country made their way home on Sunday. However on Monday, about 10 million more people will make the trek.

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